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The Sound Of Life’s Gift

      By: Albert T. Griffin

The mold was broken to create the being of an infant.

The perfect little organism that is spectacularly beautiful.

More than beauty itself.

Like the goddess herself who gave birth to the lovely baby;

who is more unique than the mystery of Pandora’s Box.

The cry of the little lovely love came out as she shrieked due to her being cranky and hungry.

I hold her in my arms rocking her to sleep,

but she was determined to get what she wanted.

I handed her over to the nurse and kissed my precious goddess praising her for wanting to bore my child.

After three hours time I was able to see my precious princess.

As my goddess breast-fed her I couldn’t stop thinking about all the good times we’ll have in the future.

After feeding her, she handed my little girl to me to let her burp her cute little burp.

When the time came I climbed into the bed with lovely comfort and asked her what we should call her.

She leaned over to whisper in my ear, she said her name will be be Asia.

She put sleeping Asia to lay on my chest and her in the nook of my shoulder.

We fell asleep…listening to…The Sound Of Life’s Gift.