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Note To Readers: This poem was written some dark times in my life when i had this feeling that i was being oppressed as a black african-american. I am not racist towards any race whatsoever. Please do not be offended by this poem.

Mind Of A Black Man

By: Albert T. Griffin

I feel like I’m trapped in time with no way out…no where to go. I drift through an abyss falling and falling and falling with no way to stop myself from falling. I finally hit rock-bottom with a ground shaking,body breaking crash.Bones shattered, skin tissue torn opened, blood pouring and squirting out of the body. My body is filled with agony, rage, and extreme pain multiplied by a thousand. I start drift in and out of conscientiousness and distorted hearing along with blurry vision. I began to see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Memories of childhood existed at first, but only to incinerate into ashes. Next was adulthood memories; although they were hazy; they were cleverly mistaking what my fate was in this world. Images flash by faster and faster and faster till it eventually seems like a blur until they go up in flames. That when I realized I reached hell. A stream of sorrow, tragedy and pain rushed through my body like the raging waters of the Amazon River. Just when i thought i finally escaped the sadness and sorrow; a jolt to my body brought me back to this hell I call earth. Brought back to be enslaved by the white man who controls my life. Once again trapped like an animal, a little pussy scared to stand up for himself, to speak to the white man,but  just following instructions given and the rules that need following as if I’m some type of lower class. Just another nigga they want to keep chained and caged because they are scared that people like me will become better and more than what they are now. That shit ain’t flying with them. So, we’re beaten and caged; worked and enslaved. Just another fucking nigga stuck in Life’s imprisonment.