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       My Cat, Buster

By: Albert T. Griffin

Buster is my cat who is the funniest animal I’ve ever owned. He has made me laugh when I was bored and smile when I was blue. He loves to eat, but he isn’t a fat cat. At least not compared to Garfield. Lol. If I put down water for him in his cat bowel, he’ll just knock it over. He does this every time. So, one day I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth and he comes padding into the bathroom meowing. I smiled at him and finished rinsing my mouth out. I turned the water down thinking I had turned it off fully. I dried my hands and turned my focus to the sink once I heard the sound of someone or something lapping up water. He was up on the sink with one paw in the sink and the other on the back of the sink drinking water away. I laughed at him and said “Buster, what are you doing?” and he just replied “meeeooowww” then went back to his drinking. So, from now on when he is thirsty and you’re in the bathroom he’ll look at you then at the sink and meow. It’s the cutest thing ever.

Buster is very friendly and loves to be petted. He is the biggest attention grabber ever. In the picture below he was cleaning his kids for the first time of his life. A Kodak moment as some would say. My little guy has been the father of 11 kittens all of his own. He was a proud father and handled the responsibility well. He is currently still living with me and my fiancee. We consider him our son and love him dearly. By some of the things he does inspire me to continuing writing. I think I’ll buy him some new toys for christmas this year.
My Cat Buster.