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Hey, Anyone following my blog may enjoy poetry and other pieces of literature. However, I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment or feedback telling me what you think or what I could do better. We as “Writers” could always use feedback or comments. That’s what makes us strive for even better.Here is a poem I wrote…Enjoy 8-).

Woman With NO Name

By: Albert Griffin

A woman with no name how gorgeous you are.

With eyes that dazzles like stars.

A smile that shines like the sun and flames with glory.

Soft creamy skin thought to be that texture of silk.

For I fell in love from the moment I first saw you.

You were with your girlfriends,but you stood out in my spotlight.

You have the equal beauty as Cleopatra herself.

Though your different.

Very different.

Very unique.

You’re one-of-a-kind.

I barely know you yet I would marry you.

Weird, but this is true.

Two different people without knowledge of each other.

For I would tear out my heart and give it to you.

To hold…To keep…To control…To do whatever you please.

I just want to bring you happiness…joy…love…give you a family and cater to your every need.

Take my hand if you believe in miracles.

You be my sweet Juliet and I’ll be your handsome Romeo.

Lovely woman, I may not know your name, but I do know I would love to have you in my life and to be my wife.