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Lisa, My Lovely Goddess

A woman of such beauty that makes Aphrodite; goddess of love and beauty, seem ugly to most. Yet doesn’t have the conceited personality of Hades; god of the underworld. A soft voice that carries a sweet melody of a love song that makes my heart melt with it’s very first note. A body that corrupts a man’s thoughts to think about her and her body. A smile that is so cunning it makes Cleopatra VII look fucking innocent. That smile that’s so cunning can make any man bend to her will and tend to her every need as their bodies are consumed with lust and love for her. Long hair falls to her shoulders and bounces with every step of  her graceful stride. Gorgeous  green emerald eyes that glisten so bright that it hypnotizes me into a trance, every time I gaze into them making me her personal slave of love. This is my Lisa…My lovely goddess.