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Its a blessing to see another year pass by. 23 years old seems like I’m turning 53. Lol. I do feel like I’m getting old though. I spent my birthday with my grandparents, fiancee, and my mother. We had lots of laughs. They took me out to the Central Steak for dinner. It was lovely. I had a medium well Steak with sweet potatos. It was good as hell. Lol. After that,  My girl and I went to the game store where my mother took pics of me and her.  It was cool though I enjoyed myself . We bought some movies then headed home after. We had  company over and chilled. My girl made me a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting. Mmmmmm. It was delicious. Over all I enjoyed myself  though. Thank you Grandma, Granpa, Mother, and Lisa.