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My Last Summer Night’s Dream

By: Albert Griffin


The winds blew soft and quiet on a lovely summer night.

The evergreen grass swayed in the breeze like the leaves once did in the fall three seasons ago.

The meadow was filled with silence all but the chirping crickets and the croaking frogs that sat on their lily pads in the pond.

As I laid in the grass gazing upon the stars, I realized how tranquil it was there.

It painted a vivid picture  in my mind capturing every detail like Michelangelo did when he painted the Last Supper on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Birds lay straddled upon their eggs in their nest sleeping contentedly.

No sound, but the sweet enchanting whispers of my beloved lay echoing in my ears.

She was away visiting her family which leaves a ration of loneliness as the only thing to keep me company.

I missed her dearly as I awaited her telephone call or her letter in the mail.

I remembered our summer together and how exquisite it was.

We spent the whole day together out on a romantic picnic laughing and smiling.

The laughs we had were unstoppable and as for our affection for each other; was indeed marvelous. 

It was ongoing.

She had the most wonderful smile with teeth that shined as white as pearls.

She was perfect for me as I was for her.

That was the summer night we made love under the stars, smothering each other with “I love you” ‘s and kisses.

I can’t wait to see my déesse bien-aimée; beloved goddess, soon as I can.

For during these lonely times, I remember that night just like it was a dream…My Last Summer Night’s Dream.