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Hello, my name is Albert. I’m 22 years old and I’m a writer. I am finishing up my G.E.D and am looking forward to going to college to study for a English major, Historian and for Archeology. I love to write and read books, but most of all I love learning new things. This Blog was created to let others read some of my poetry and leave comments about what they think, what they like, or dislike. To me,feedback come in different ways:constructive criticism and unconstructive criticism. I love to write and enjoy every moment of it. I want to go to college to become an author and poet. I am currently writing a book and explore different literatures. I am a big fan of William Shakespeare; yet I don’t know how to write sonnets and ballads. I hope that you enjoy some of my poems and hopefully you have some words of wisdom for me. I also included my fiance’s poetry too. So, here is my blog  for you to enjoy. It is called …