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*Loves Essence In Me*

By: Albert Griffin

Time is only an essence waiting its turn,
the firewood embers rising as they burn.

Wood crackles in the fireplace as we sit back embraced by the fire, our minds and hearts race with desire.

Half of bottle of table wine gone and yet it’s not nearly dawn, our bodies aren’t ready to yawn.

I kissed those sweet luscious lips of yours hard and tender with love, for your heart yield and surrenders to my love.

We can’t hold back this lust for each other,
I know we’re perfect for one other.

We make love to each other,
but its you my lover needs to smother.

We finished our lover making with the dawn light sliding up us, finally I’m with someone I trust.

I trace the silhouette of your body with my fingertips,
for your sacred lover is my ship.

No words could really explain what my feelings are for you,
but the only words I need to know is…I love you.