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Love is everywhere you look. It can be a friend, spouse, an ex or your pet. Love can over come any obstacle in your life. I have love for girl who is by god; the most wonderful thing that I ever loved and still love. We as humans are not perfect. We make mistakes, but we shouldn’t hold it against the person we love. This was one of my downfalls with this girl. She has never did me wrong in any way possible. I have screwed her over time to time,but I have learned from my mistakes. What I have learned is no matter what you can’t hold grudges against the person you love. It will make future arguments that you might have worst than what they may end up being. I cherish this one girl cause she didn’t do any of these things. When I was wrong I didn’t own up to it like I should have. I would do anything to mend what I broke and fix what I damaged. You must be willing to change in order to help come closer with the one you love or it will never work. If you really sorry for hurting the one you love then try to show her that through your actions.