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Arguments filled with fuming tempers, enraged people throwing accusations of blasphemy at one another; yet neither one of us are looking at each other as an innocent. Hateful and hurtful thoughts being carried out. We both justify why were right in the situation blaming the other. It’s ironic how we can hurt  each other so badly when we were so passionately affectionate and deeply fond of each other. We got together because we were each other’s salvation, missing half, soul mate, and lover. Each relationship has its ups and downs. However, so does every person. Some hold stuff in and don’t tell their significant other. This tends to create problems and tension between the relationship, you guys, and wears the relationship down. So does going astray. Cheating can make the trust your lover has in you vanish. It can be hard to trust you again in the near future. It can be one of the lowest things a man or woman can do. Then, there is the matter of abuse. There are four types of abuse: Physical abuse, Mental/Emotional abuse, Sexual abuse, and verbal abuse. Most relationships see the verbal, mental/emotional, and physical abuse. Hateful and hurtful things said are most times things that will push buttons which is a form of verbal abuse. Abuse once start could sometimes be an ongoing cycle especially in arguments. The only way to change that is to admit your wrong and apologize. Don’t worry about your pride, dignity  or feeling weak cause that can cause your relationship to be terminated. If the female hits you Do Not try to stop her. She will feel threaten or even more enraged. Men are stronger than women. Women are delicate flowers and that’s how they should be treated. Guys should never put their hands on women NO MATTER WHAT the situation is in any aspect. We as men should love and cherish our woman before we lose them for good.