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All Words, No Sound

By: Albert Griffin

My heart has so much to say to you and so much to explain. So many words to say to you. My body is tainted with your like a stain that can’t be removed. My words are filled with that essence of love, but they have no sound. I try to find the notes that carry out the syllables to my words; however my vocals are at a lost hidden  deep in the unknown. My spine gets that chilly frost when I’m around you.

All Words, No Sound…

I search and I search for the sound to come out of my mouth, but every time I opened my mouth to speak to you no sound came out. What could I do? What could I say? Is there anything that could possibly help m e? There is so much i need you to understand. So much I really have to tell. What is wrong with me?

All Words, No Sound…

There  is something I need to get off my chest. I loved you from the start when I first laid eyes on you. Those gorgeous eyes can see right through my shield right to the pure good in me. It’s like you can see right to my soul. When I’m with you everything seems right. Perfect. It couldn’t get any better. A relationship so serene that it couldn’t get any better and peaceful. You never miss someone till their gone or not with you. I wishing and wanting something I can’t have anymore. I find myself at a lost of words when I’m around you. I’m stuttering when I go to speak, but still you hear no sound. So, how I truly feel stays locked away inside me with nowhere to go. You’ll never really know the truth or how I truly feel.

All Words, No Sound…