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Everlasting love comes from that daring side of the heart where multiple scars laid healed over time. This is our relationship of everlasting love. We are going on three years. I love you, Lisa Marie Eastman.


When we first got together in 2010

Our love has been through it all,

Yet we stand strong not ready to fall.

We’ve said hurtful things that we didn’t mean,

Hiding scars that we didn’t want seen.

We don’t know why we had so many hurtful things to say to each other,

For our break up fuck over the other.

We spent two months apart that felt like eternity.

We stopped believing in everything we worked so hard to create together,

Our wishful thinking of forever.

The distance breaking us down to nothing,

So much nothing that we both realized that we had something.

Something worth the fight,

Something that was so right.

That one last look into each other eyes,

A look that said I apologize.

We are together as one now and forever.

Never to dare walk away again.

Even though we been through so much bad and good together that our love is forever.

Everlasting forever.

Everlasting Love.


My love is always yours.