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My heart has guided me to love. For I had not seen my beloved in a fortnight. Outcasted as an exile for treason upon the kingdom due to the act of fornication with my beloved, the princess. Daughter of my lordship. Her pleas still linger in the hollow depths of thine ears. O how the irony of it all is that of such burden. Casted away to halt our love affair. Thy heart cannot bear the pain of seeing my beloved cry tears of sorrow. I lay in the blackness of the night sky looking at the moon. For the only light out was the shining of the starlight as they danced in the sky. I pray to god who is my shepard that my beloved will search for me. Is she being held captive by her own father due to our treacherous misdeed we put beforth him. So captured in my inner thoughts that I didn’t even hear the footsteps that were getting so close to me. The hooded figure came to a halt in front of me. It seem like that awkward silence carried on for decades. The unknown figure slowly removed the hood revealing my beloved. She came for me. I scrambled to me feet to finally what seem like forever be embraced by her gentle arms. Then she spoke.

” I love you”

“And I you.”