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Dear Journal,

               It’s 4:56am and I’m still up. My day was great actually. I got three different poems I’m working on. I spent time with my fiancee since she got home from work. It was very romantic. We watched two movies together and had a couple cups of coffee along with a couple of smokes. However, we don’t realize how precious time is with our significate other until there not in our grasp anymore. We all have an expiration date, but we just don’t know when it is. I rather spend my time here loving and caring for the woman I love as women would love to spend time with the man they love. You see, love is a paradox. Love can not be explained. To some love is wild, lustful, and can’t be controlled. It is unjudged and unique in its own way. To others a form of love is painful, abusive. My love is romantic, passionate, adventuring, lustful and filled with wonderful joys. I hope everyone that follows my blog has experience this kind of love. If not, get out there and find it. There is a special someone for everyone out there.

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