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Dedicated to Lisa Eaastman

Sticks can only be broken so many times,

Stones can only be thrown as far as we can throw them,

Yet these metaphors are referring to “Cutting Words“.

Words we use when I or you are angry at each other.

Words so hurtful that it releases us of our burdens and regrets just to make the other experience empathy and feel each other’s pain.

I don’t want it to be this way, but we both don’t think when we’re in the moment.

We both do it and have no one to blame, but ourselves for not working out the problem.

That’s not true love.

True love is my sincere apology on how I made you feel.

True love is me wanting to hold you in my arms for eternity and never let go.

True love is me wanting to tend to your every waking need.

True love is no matter how much we may fuss and fight, I’ll always love you.

True love is forgiving.

True love is you being in my life.

True love is what we have and forget about sometimes when we argue.

True love is you,babe.

I love you.

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