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Dear Journal,

I’m feeling more positive about my daily life everyday. I am always looking forward to spendingmy days with the love of my life(Lisa M. Eastman). Things have been so romantic that I couldn’t even put the feels into words nor put the words into poems. Lol. There’s been struggles and conflicts in our relationship,only for us to strive to the end to over all obstacles we encounter. We work as a team surpass whatever conflicts or challenges we may endure. Our love is pure and euphoric. What is there not to love. I love her during her good days, the in between days, and also during the bad. She is my rock as I am hers. We all know are days are numbered,but I choose to spend those days with my soul mate. My happiness has been entirely at its best when I’m with her. I have no complaints, no quarrels, no issues with my beautiful angel. I love her indefinitely and always will. Till fingers touch keyboard again. You’ll just have to stay tuned to see how life for me is. 🙂 image