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( This poem is dedicated to my lovely fiancee Lisa M. Eastman or as you guys may know her Smooks Griffin. We both are writers and she is everything and beyond to me. So enjoy and I hope that others experience a true love too)

So pure with tranquaility that they calm me down when I look into your eyes. Those emerald gems of yours are so beautiful. The eyes of an angel. As I stare into them I can see our love unfold like a happily ever after fairy tale. So much bliss being held in those eyes. I can’t explain what I feel when I’m around you or gazing into your eyes, but I do know its euphoric. How do you explain such a feeling. I don’t know don’t I’m willing to show you the rest of our lives together. For our love is in the eyes of the beholder. Those gorgeous, enchanting angel eyes.

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