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Emotions swirl out of control,
Showing no compassion to the mind,
Yet so few imperious brutes can fashion such grasp on reality.

Of what decree do I follow,
Containment of continues to go unlearned,
You ask what right of priviledge fo you earn to understand me.
For none is known.
For none is allowed.
You upon your throne in the heavens frowning upon a soul gone rogue.
A soul that you have no right to, but that of only my lord in hell has already laid claim upon.
For years have been taken into account for the deadly sins put forth by my lord.
For I have counted the days, which turned to weeks and still to no prevail those weeks faintly turned to years.
For what judgement of day can’t come forth sooner than a forenight.
What cowardice deeds heed those words or thoughts of filth and lies.
What treachery has befallen upon you. As it drains piece by piece of your sanity. Its the life of Immortal Sin.