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(This is about the woman I love very much with all my heart. I have created a lot of problem for our relationship. However, my feelings and my heart is hers. I hope she see this and understand my words. I love you, Lisa. May your day been happy and stress free.)

You’re always on my mind,
For the thought of you does not leave with time,
Though I tell myself everything will be fine.

I see that it wont,
No matter what happens,
My world revolves around you,
For this I know is true.

You are my day.
You are my night.
You are my sun.
You are my moon.

I am the night sky and you are my stars that shine through darkness.

Your love makes me see where I have done wrong,
Your love makes me think of a million songs.

The way our bodies mold perfectly during embrace,
The tightest hug ever,
No room for space.

I miss you when your gone for just one minute,
It funny how I thought about you and this poem in less than a minute.

I wish you were near,
Better yet just here,
I’d pronouce my love loud and clear.

It seems I have a lot to do,
Just know in your heart,
It will be done not with all, but with you.

I love you.