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Suppressing feelings who cares anymore,
Someday I wish she’d walk through my door.
I miss her dear sadly but true,
I wish for one day to say I love you.
I feel so lost, so worthless and cheap,
I lost the one person still cherish, but can’t keep.
What have I done I don’t want this,
I want my lisa back,
The one I love and miss.
Now, she is happy with somebody else,
I feel like a dusty book being put back on a self.
Why did I hurt her it seems unclear,
I just wish she had strength not to disappear.
She is strong in the heart,
Damn I really regret that I broke her heart.
I wish her happiness time and time again,
When will my misery and loniness ever end.
Now I have nothing but a few good friends,
I’d give it all up just to be with her again.
Words of sadness play on my harp,
For she was the one who always had my heart.
Why did I cheat?
Why did I lie?
I feel like so sad I don’t want to lie.
My heart feel shreiveled, empty and cold,
For a true love story remains untold.
This woman is great and she is my hero,
For my misdeeds that were done tallys all to zero.
I don’t want this path I chose,
So hard to speak up and be so bold.
Now I relive memories that’s my life you see,
Painted on a canvas as fragile as me.
I cry.
I weep.
It all runs too deep,
This mountain I climb has got too steap.
What do I do?
Where do I go?
So many words unspoken before,
Now I must walk out a door.
This world is cruel for this I know,
I’m out here alone just like long ago.
Don’t cry I say to her real stern,
While tears hit my face and start to burn.
One day I will see the sun will come out,
But I will be the one still caught in a drought.
No one to hug
No one to love
The only thing left is this broken winged dove.
What happened to our story it doesn’t have ending,
It was ruined and discard,
No real way of mending.
So tonight I’ll look up at the stars and ask for one wish,
Watch over her gently for she is missed,
Tell her her son would a kiss.
So, he can go to bed and not watch any of this.
I’ve lied and cheat; lost the person I love true,
For I’ll be waiting for eternity with truth,
Anything you want I’ll give with proof.
This is my story a of a worthless cheat,
Now Broken and fragile this was my defeat.
Now you see I love this woman,
I always will.
I flip ahead pages no ending still.