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Roses are red for reasons of love,
It means I love you more than anything above.
One rose is you standing strong with independence,
Two roses to you is of my remembrance.
Three roses is strength to get through whatever,
Fourth roses is safe for our secured together,
Five roses is fate for my love is forever.
Six roses are faith for I believe in change,
Seven roses is not strange for missing you for more than five minutes feels the same.
Eight roses is hope that you can forgive me,
Nine roses the same for I wish you could marry me.
Ten roses altogether for we are friends forever,
Eleven roses a piece for to heal the wounds that are severed,
Twelve roses in all I hope you come home before fall.
Now there’s a bundle of roses I present to you,
Hopefully my future isn’t without you.
Now that I changed you’ll see a difference,
I love you so much and don’t forget this.