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So many things I wish I could say,
But now I must keep them until that day.
Soft spoken words that would tell you everything.
A lot of what i’d tell you I know you’ll treasure.
I would only tell truth,
So fuck telling lies.
I wish I could erase certain memories,
So I wouldn’t be an enemy.
I wish you saw the truth,
And let me give proof.
Grant me a wish, I’ll follow with a kiss.
Tell you soft words more deeper than this.
I want to see me open as a book.
The old me is gone,
Just have a little look.
For there things wanna tell you
Clear as the day.
My wish cannot be for a wish you’ll stay.
But soft spoken words and dearly big hug,
I don’t want you to think I see you as a rug.
I see you as more but I can not say,
But I wait hoping to tell you one day.
I love you is meaningful,
True to my heart.
For everything I would say only comes from the heart.
Please do not cry for you still hold the key,
One day I hope you’ll stand in front of me.
Pull out the key and see for yourself,
That books of soft spoken words only lay on my heart’s self.
I only bring truth of what I wanna say,
But for now I’ll wait,
And you wanna know someday.