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I am lost and never found,
Kicked while on the ground.
I have no one of kin,
I am an eternal sin.
Now home all alone,
I continue to write on my phone,
I had a few beer to put me in the zone.
No more anger.
No more danger.
No more sorrows,
I don’t expect to see tomorrow.
Am I suicidal?
No, I keep telling you.
Only thing that died is my heart
So I tell you.
To this I know is true to the tee,
I am eternal blasphemy,
Don’t you fucking see.
Never made to be happy.
Here without a purpose,
Still figuring out why I even wrote this.
Fuck it.
Its the remains,
To keep your sane.
Turn my back to y’all and walk away,
Its just one in the same.
There’s really no reason,
I find when I write,
Ima say fuck this blog,
I’ll find my way,
I’ll be alright.
Goodbye to my fans,
Now please leave the stands.
I have nothing left in me,
I don’t need a round of hands.

~Theory Of A Fucked Up Poet. ~