Okay, when I last left you guys off with things in my life it was crazy. Well, over the past weeks my blog has been crazy so has my life. 2014 is almost here and I can’t imagine what will happen. A lot of my views on things has change.I look back on my life and wonder did it really all happen or if it some fucked up nightmare I’m trapped in. You asked me through email what was going on. I told that person ask no questions and I’ll tell no lies. The mind is complex just as the heart. So many questions asked but to no avil they have no answer. So, let answer you guys now. Life is all but a nightmare to me. If you walked this road I walked you’ll never tell neither. Its not worth telling. Someone else questioned so of my recent works. Asked for a ending to the story. I laughed after reading this yesterday. So, if that person is still waiting for his answer…here it is. There is no ending. The book is a fragment of my memories. A memior. I don’t know what the rest of life has planned for me but I don’t plan to wait to find out my fate. Another person asked me something before I started writing this. My answer was simple…a simple fairy tale that start the way they all do…Once upon a time. So, today I say to all. Forget the story. There isn’t one. It was all a fragment of a memory.

Written to:

Linkin Park-waiting for the end.
Hawthorne heights-ohio is for lovers