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So many days gone by,
The next to me in bed empty,
Restless nights continue to pile up,
For I wish for the day of your return.
Days seem harder and harder,
Though I keep pushing forward and keep striving to continue doing better and staying positive.
So much has changed in my life,
Though I wish you weren’t one of them.
My beats only one beat,
Never wishing harm or stress to your life.
Always wisihing the best for you even if we don’t talk.
Taking it one day at a time is all any one of us can do.
I still think about you.
I still love you with all my heart, even though it pains me to not see you here.
I can’t predict futures, but I continue to try to understand my purpose here.
I feel I am in eternal debt to you.
My heart is eternally yours always.
I wish for the best,
for the best is all you deserve.