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(I wrote this thinking of someone who means the world to me. Who has always been there no matter. Who has always loved me and showed me that she cared and supported me in bettering my life and myself. Where ever she is now. I hope for the best for her. That her dreams come true. That she has endless happiness and joy. And know no matter what I will always love her. This poem is dedicated to you in your honor where ever you are now.)

    Rolling Tides Under A Sunset

Waves wash up onto the shore as we walk holding hands.
Our feet leaving imprints in the sands as we stroll down the beach.
The wind blowing softly through your hair as we enjoy the sunset.
Bliss shows through your emerald eyes as your smile the most beautiful smile the world has seen.
Euphoric rays of color lay upon the clouds like a blanket making the scenery more dazzling and romantic.
You let go of my hand to pick up a seashell we came across.
You realize there’s more that makes a trail.
I whisper in your ear “let us follow it”.
You smile in agreement.
One by one you pick up shells leading us further down the beach till we reach a blanket set up for two.
There sat a bottle of wine and silver covered platters with our dinner.
A dinner for the two of us I had set up you.
We feast to the sight of a beautiful colorful sunset.
I hold tight in my arms after cuddling and keeping you warm from the breeze.
I kiss you softly on the nape of you neck and lean close to your ear.

“I love you, my beloved. You are the meaning of true love.

For you are more beautiful than the rolling tides under a sunset.”