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(I had a lot of good memories and smiles while thinking of this poem. Its not one of my best but I hope you all enjoy)

Epic Love Journey

Feelings a blue,
Hearts a true,
So many things I would love to tell to you.

Smiles are shining,
Let’s go dining,
Diamonds for you is what I’ve been minding.

Holidays a spent,
Feelings of content,
Wandering minds most well spent.

Winter’s a cold,
Summer’s a bold,
Spring’s unfold,
Autumn’s love a told.

A world a changed,
A world so strange.

A different future of a unknown,
A future that has yet to be shown,
A future untold,
One yet to unfold,
Only a future I will never know.

New ideas to write,
A love’s life story to type.

A love’s long journey,
For a Epic Love story.

Albert Griffin’s Mind & Heart