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Hindered arrows of a fallen cupid,
Now you ask yourself how could you be so stupid.
Such burden and slander lay upon you as a mark,
Such shame and agony lay upon your heart.
For sorrow fills my eyes now,
I am my own worst enemy I clearly see now,
Pain burns with fury upon my heart as should be now.
To know that the woman I love is her own faded memory within herself cause of me,
Now a broken love story for now; for now you see.
My dream came true,
Her here apart of my life makes two.
I’ve made it to where she is here,
However she is not so near.
My world shattered and crumbled on top of me,
Such burden I had her carry where uneasy.
For it feels like I’m alone all over again,
No where to began.
Worthless to everyone,
Loved by no one.
Not wanted by any one,
No where to run.
For this part of life isn’t any fun.
For all the king’s horses and all the king’s men,
Couldn’t put my life back together again…