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Today wanna share a sad story with my followers seeking support of my wife’s cause for the lost of my niece. Dezirae was two years old when she was taken away from our family. She was abused and neglected but worst of all she was killed. An innocent child’s life was cut short. My wife has asked me to share this on my blog and I told her I was gladly willing to. Vermont has failed our niece at protecting her and now we fight to protect all. She has asked that you see her page that she showed me called Justice For Dezirae. You can google it to find it. Or she said if you are people of social networking you may find her page she created via facebook. We ask of your support that Dezirae and other children have their voice heard.


This is the picture of that you will find the story of. Help us fight to get Justice For Dezirae. If you want to follow the story and show your support you can email her for more details at JusticeForDezirae@gmail.com