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So much rage burns inside my chest,
Engulfed in the infernos of burdens and bad omens,
Scarred with them yet more to bare,
These scars, sacred runes of a demons skin; are sacred burdens.

For I bare these scars with pride that each one bares a story of a burden I survived and conquered,
For you can’t understand who, what, when where, and how because you are only just a pawn in your blasphemous god’s chess game,
To that, it will only resolve in a lost and a checkmate.

For I am Demonic Savior, the demon to be feared for my plot to kill that blasphemous fuck you call your god.

I am the ruthless demon of the underbelly of Hell and the one the heavens quake in fear of.
For I shall kick down those pearly fucking gates and show him my true power before I cast him into oblivion.

May Satan be with me and Lucifer guide my blade.