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Morning dew drip drops from the leaves in the rainforest,
White fog clouds of wandering mist,
So calm and soothing as true love’s kiss.
The crypt of my haunted mind has caused such passions to shatter,
Broken sorrows and dried tears,
For a world with filled with her love that i live in has crumbled to a splatter,
For my love’s heart has been broken with a spear i threw.
Here wondering what i am to do,
I love her to death for a grave wouldnt stop me from telling her that,
But i have caused too much pain,
Everything to lose and nothing to gain.
I cherish this woman dearly but dont always show it.
I wish she knew how i feel about her, but i only showed more pain,
Everytime it rains i think of her.
I have come to realize that this is a poem of truth of someone who is broken beyond repair.