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Sun descending behind the clouds,
Such a beauty to see with the naked eye,
I sit and wonder how there’s no crowds,
For this sunset spread its wings across the sky.

So pure with its essence it bellows brightly,
So relaxing and tranquil daily and not nightly,
One wish to have for it; yet a wish to hold it,
Don’t we all wish to own it as this story unfolded.

Love was in the air as I caught my breath,
It reminded me of my beloved’s love for me always so fresh,
I walked home with my head up high,
I got home and kissed her cause she was my sky.
Now that you know our love is strong,
My beloved is too perfect that no flaw can wrong.

I love you baby. Thanks for being by my side through thick and thin. May this poem put a smile on your face. For I will think of you when I step out the house again.
( Images taken by me yesterday on my way to work)