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This is dedicated to my lovely fiancée, Lisa. I love you so much. and thank you for being my biggest fan.

Drops of love lay upon your naked skin like the morning dew in the evergreen,
Deeds of passion fiercely spoken,
Feelings a touching the heart caressing it so softly,
Folding and molding the complex compound of true love between us.
Holding you close afraid to bare the thought of ever letting you go,
Only to be left with that stomach cringing emptiness cause your not in my arms.
To be blessed with a smile of your beautiful face is all I need as a sunrise,
A sweet gentle kiss of your luscious lips is all I need as a sunset.
With each drop of your love full my cup with passion and euphoric bliss,
For a life of happiness is the best for me as long as we are never apart.
Let my chest be your pillow that your lay your head upon when you sleep.
For my shoulders shall carry your burdens,
While my tears out of my eyes shall carry your sorrows.
For I shall forever be in love with you and care about you,
Support you and nurture you,
For I forever love you.